Episode 13: Jeopardy, Dog Edition

In this final episode…

  • Danny and Andy discuss a new Fun Parade spinoff show
  • Mr. J gets grilled on his science knowledge
  • Keith Little updates us on his security guard exploits
  • Starla January answers more of listeners’ strange questions

    That’s all, folks!

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Episode 12: 4/20

Celebrate Episode 1-Dozen with us!

-Danny and Andy figure out what the fuss over “4/20” is
-Charles (call him Chuck) avoids fixing our computer again
-Speech Coach Dale Stein helps improve our vocal skills
-Keith Little tells us about guarding the desert
-Rex Chapman (Christophe?) makes it big in the psychic industry!

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Episode 11: Beautiful Lady

Spring has sprung! On this very special episode of the Fun Parade…

    • Danny practices for a job interview
    • Mr. J does amazing science experiments in the studio
    • Chuck the tech guy (regrettably) returns to the studio
    • We read more of your reviews
    • Starla January is back to answer more listener questions
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Episode 10: Easter Jams

Easter’s just around the corner! The Fun Parade celebrates with new classic Easter carols. In addition…

  • Rex Chapman (Christophe?) stops by again to tell us about Tarot cards
  • We catch up with community security guard, Keith Little
  • Danny and Andy bring you an important public service announcement
  • Danny eats apple pie for the first time!
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Episode 9: Sneakin’

A very special episode filled with giggles and glee.

  • Mr. J returns with a few more of his mind blowing science facts
  • Danny and Andy discuss their most recent iTunes reviews
  • We leave the mics on while the tech support guy, Charles (Chuck?), fixes the WiFi
  • Starla January returns with another episode of her New Age Radio Call-In Show, Strangers in the Night
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Episode 8: Returning Mice & Ladies

New episode! Season 2 is movin’!┬áIn this episode..

  • Rex Chapman (Christophe) shows off his new psychic skills
  • Danny eats hummus (and celery!) for the first time in his life
  • We meet a community member who’s a security guard at Whole Foods
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Episode 7: Beginning of Season 2

First episode of a new season. In this episode..

  • Matt Kopache auditions to be our announcer
  • Mr J drops by to share some of his science facts
  • We hear a clip from Starla January’s hit late-night call-in radio show, “Strangers in the Night”
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